Yellow Print for Asian American Discovery

I always said being an Asian American mattered to me. I always said I was proud to be Asian American.

At the same time, all my friends were white. All my coworkers were white. All the books I read were by white writers. All the TV, music, movies, even advertisements were full of white people. I drank beers made by white hipsters in impossible to find places. I was paying attention to only white people. I even drove a white car.

How I was living did not reflect what I said mattered to me. I needed to colorbalance my life. Here were the rules I made for myself:

  1. Only read books by Asian Americans or POC writers.
  2. Only watch media that features a POC character, preferably Asian. (And no White lead with a POC sidekicks!)
  3. Follow Asian Americans on social media (yes, even some Asian Americans you don’t think you’ll like.)
  4. Hang out with POC. (These relationships were hard to build, but this was the most rewarding step.)

Rad Results:

I feel so much more complete. There are others who look like me! Who share my experience! There are Asian American activists, musicians, actors, and they are trying to connect to me. I come from a rich background and culture. My world is colorbalanced. And it looks like golden hour, every hour.
I’m ignorant of a lot of white people stuff now. I don’t know anything about mainstream movies or TV shows. Some shit about White Walkers and a wall? (Is this some code for 45?)
I still drive a white car.

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