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Dear Asian American,

Check out @MyGirlKudo and her song Middle Fingers (Spotify) (iTunes).

First of all, it’s a banger.

Second of all, she wrote this for us. She was inspired by her experiences as an Asian American, as a woman and the #MeToo movement.

Here are the lines that jump out at me as an Asian American:

Out with the old, it’s new year

Eyes might be low, I can steer clear


I know my shit

Waving at suckas in my rearview

So many people have ideas about what we as Asian Americans are supposed to be, who we can’t be, what’s supposed to make us happy and so many other things. It’s so important that we never lose sight that we are in the driver’s seat.

White supremacy literally says we’re bad drivers. Nah. You’re a fine driver, and you’re in the driver’s seat of your life.

The chorus:

Middle Fingers to the sky now

Flush all that flux

Don’t give a fuck

Middle Fingers to the sky now

Yeah yeah

Live it young die free

We can’t make everyone happy. So sometimes to go forward, we just have to grip it and go. Middle fingers up, chase our dreams, to pursue happiness.

Be a “bad Asian”. Be a “mediocre Asian”. Be a “messy Asian”. Be a “lazy Asian”. Be a “loud Asian”. Be an outstanding Asian in ways they expect AND the ways they don’t want you to be outstanding.

Pay what you owe me

Gotta Pay what you owe

Pay what you owe

Pay up that respect to me

Mainstream society says it’s okay to pay minorities less. Mainstream society says it’s okay to pay women less. Mainstream society says we don’t deserve full respect.

That is not true.

Drake says “Know yourself, know your worth”. Eddie Huang says chargefull fucking price”. Remember Kudo’s words too. “Pay what you owe me.”





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