I was frustrated with the negativity on social media. I was frustrated that Asian American news often revolved around racist experiences, or how yet another white actor/actress was in yellowface. I was frustrated that many of us (Asian Americans) seemed to think of ourselves based on our proximity to Whiteness.

Yes, those negative experiences are a part of my life…AND I have so much joy in my life as well.  I wanted to see more Asian Americans committing to each other. I wanted to see more positivity for and from Asian Americans. I wanted to see Asian Americans building and growing with each other.

So I started writing little love notes to Asia America on square yellow Post-It notes (don’t you see how fitting it is?). The name came from ASIan AMerican INSPiratiOn. This is inspiration for Asian Americans, as you are.

Note: I love doing collaborations with other Asian Americans, or any other Asians in the diaspora.  Please reach out to me!